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Perfect Litter Tips


Few cats look forward to a change in their environment. Most cats, when introduced to a new cat litter, will take time to adapt, a day or as much as 2-3 weeks. The key in minimizing the transition period is to introduce the Perfect Litter™ in combination with the old litter, typically a clay-based litter. At the beginning, add a layer of the Perfect Litter™ at the BOTTOM OF THE LITTER BOX, with their existing litter on top of it, adding a little more of the Perfect Litter until it is the only litter remaining in the box. Also strongly recommended is adding Cat Nip to the litter box, a few sprinkles at a time, during the transition period and for a few days thereafter, as the cat will equate the pleasure sensation with the new litter.


Due to the moisture within their paws, all cat litter, clay and organic, produce tracking, wherein cat litter is deposited in small quantities throughout the house. The Perfect Litter™ is no exception, albeit most of it will be found in the area immediately around the litter box itself. Its light weight and mineral composition makes it easy to pick up, ideally with an inexpensive Dustbuster (call our customer support number below), which makes cleanup simple and quick.


Countless surveys of cat owners reveal that the number one quality that cat owners look for in their cat litter is ODOR CONTROL. No one likes the smell of cat urine or feces. The Perfect Litter™ has a powerful agent that eliminates all urine odor within minutes, but nothing will remove the smell of feces left for days in the litter box. Therefore, it is imperative that the cat owner clean the litter box (es) at least once or twice daily, removing any feces along with the small clumps that are produced when the cat urinates; with the Perfect Litter™, disposal, in small daily quantities, can be made with a small litter scoop. If this regime is followed, there will be minimal, if any, lingering waste odor and as a bonus, four pounds of the Perfect Litter™ will last at least 4-5 weeks.


Cat owners are passionate about their pet(s) and often claim them as members of the family. And since change from one litter to another can be problematical in some instances, Pet Healthy Holdings offers live customer support during every business day of the week. The toll-free number below should be kept in a conspicuous place within the household, as many issues dealing with a cat litter transition or color changes in the litter or even unusual behavior by your cat, can be quickly resolved, as the company has substantial experience in dealing with these issues.

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