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“This is the very best cat litter I have ever purchased. I have used Perfect Litter for over 4 years. Perfect Litter leaves no ugly odors after my cat has used it, and Perfect Litter is extremely lightweight compared to clay litters. For a senior citizen, this litter is just that – PERFECT!!!” – Angelica Whitefeather

I found Perfect Litter Googling feline urinary tract infection. But Perfect Litter has turned out to be so much more than just a sickness alert litter. With other litters I would wear a mask while changing out the litter. But Perfect Litter is DUST FREE! No more mask! I was skeptical that such a light weight litter could work so well.” – Kimberly Nichols

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  • 24/7 WELLNESS MONITOR – Litter turns PINK at the earliest sign of a potential urinary tract infection so you can act FAST
  • ABSORBENT – 4 times more absorbent than clay litter
  • SUPERIOR ODOR CONTROL – Doesn’t just mask odor, it kills the bacteria that cause odor, for an odor-free litter box guaranteed
  • ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT – Weighs only 4 lbs (vs. 20 to 30 lbs per box for other litters)
  • DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR – Convenient home delivery
  • LASTS A FULL MONTH – 1 box of Perfect Litter will last a full month for a single cat