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The First 100% Natural Cat Litter that allows you to visually monitor the health of your cat 24/7


24/7 Cat Health Monitoring

Perfect Litter allows you to visually monitor the health of your cat 24/7 and Provides Early Warning for FLUTD.

100% Natural & Ultra Light Weight

Perfect litter is natural and biodegradable and healthy for your cat.

4lbs of perfect litter = 28 lbs of clay = 1 month supply for 1 cat


Superior Odor Controlling

Perfect litter's premium clumping action traps liquid on contact and destroys bacteria. It doesn't just masks odor.

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Amy Shojai, author of 30 best-selling pet care books & nationally recognized pet care expert, recommends Perfect Litter!
Amy's Perfect Litter Review
Franny Syufy, one of the leading feline experts in US and is an expert author on About. com, recommends Perfect Litter!
Franny's Perfect Litter Review

We Care 2500 lbs of Perfect Litter Donated

Perfect Litter is committed to helping homeless animals and as part of our pledge, we are pleased to announce our partnership with ​R-Pal (Rescued Pet Adoption League) of North Texas.

For Every Box of Perfect Litter You Try, We'll Donate One to R-Pal of North Texas.

What Our Customers Said

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Edith Dolson

I LOVE Perfect Litter! A long term user of Fresh Step, I was skeptical at first. I am so glad that I did!! It is so lightweight ...

12th Jan' 2015
Mindi Croce

I can't begin to tell you how much my cat Molly and I like Perfect Litter! We live in a small apartment which requires ...

22th July' 2014
Nima Khosrowshahian

I have been using Perfect litter for over a month and I'm really sorry I wasn't aware of wonderful product long time ...

18th March' 2014
Brenda K. Hutchinson, Ks

Perfect litter certainly lives up to its name. I LOVE this product. It is odorless and super lightweight! The cats love it too!...

07th May' 2014
Fran Markwardt

As I am not in charge of the litter box, during my roommate's vacation I was on litter duty. On the first day I observed our ...

19th Jan' 2015
Sandra E. Bell, RN, MSN/Ed

I first heard about Perfect Litter when I saw an internet ad for a risk free trial on the Internet. Intrigued, I ordered a....

17th Oct' 2014
Nadyne H

I have been using this for years. It arrived the day after I ordered it, with a nice little travel scoop ...

02nd Feb' 2015
Faye Hammond

Great product. My cat and I love Perfect Litter. The lightweight material is perfect. No paste residue like traditional little....

16th Jan' 2015

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Perfect Litter is composed of naturally occuring minerals that present a vastly superior alternative to traditional clay-based litter. On a side-by-side comparison to clay litter and the most popular alternative cat litter, Perfect Litter is superior in the attributes most important to cat owners: ease of use, light weight, odor control, accessibility and wellness monitoring.

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